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Help me in Winning a Guest Blogging Contest at Techywood!

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Hey Everyone! Thanks for Visiting this Article. I've Participated in an Guest Blogging Competition and Need your Help in Winning the Contest. Please Everyone help me out!

Techywood has Organized a 500$+ Guest Blogging Contest. In Which you Have to Write your Article, and Score Points. I Have Also Participated in this Contest with my Article “What it is Like to be a Blogger“.

They are Giving Prizes Worth 500$+ to Winners. Points are Scored on the Basis of Shares and Comments each Article Gets. The Point Distribution is as Follows -

Points Distribution - 

  • 1 Like – 2 Points.
  • 1 Tweet – 5 Points.
  • 1 Stumbleupon – 5 Points.
  • 1 Google Plus – 10 Points.
  • 1 Comment – 20 Points.
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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Download The Best SEO Software for FREE!

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Hello Everyone, After a Long Time Writing Blog Post Was Busy in my College Exams. But I Will be Posting More Frequently From Now.

Today I'm Going to Share a SEO Software Worth $97 For Free. Who Doesn't Want to Rank Their Websites First on Google Search for Your Keywords. It is Almost Impossible to Outrank These Old Websites for Keywords Like Technology, Fitness, Health etc or will Take Too Much of Time to Be on First Page of Google Results. Because These Websites Have Most Important Google Factors in Their Favor Like Domain Age, Authority, Quality Content etc.

Rank Cracker is SEO Software Developed and Created by Matthew Woodward Which Steals Backlinking Strategy.

But " Matthew Woodward " Created a SEO Software Named Rank Cracker, Rank Cracker is a Downloadable Backlink Spying Off-Page SEO Software Which Literally Steal Their ( Your Competitors ) Backlinking Strategy Smiley.

You Should Atleast Try This Software for Once -

  • If You are a Newbie Blogger Who is Desperately Looking for Something Which can Predictably and Consistently Help them Achieve Their Goals i.e First Position in Google Search for Certain Keywords.
  • You Are a Blogger But Do not Have Enough Money to Spend on Those Expensive Link Building Services.
  • Anyone Who Wants to Get his Hands on the Quickest, Creative and Most Effective Way to Emulating Your Strongest Competitor's Link Profile.

You Will Get This Awesome SEO Software For FREE, Because This Guy Wants his Personal SEO Software to be into Many People's Hand as Possible.

So Catch This Awesome SEO Software For Free Here.

Rank Cracker is free SEO Tool Which Steals your Competitors Backlinking Strategy.
If you Have Spent any Time in Internet Marketing, You Know that There are Some Marketers you Can Trust and Some that You Can't. The Good Ones are Rare, But when you Find Them, They can Change your Life Forever.
And Trust me This Guy is Very Legit. I'll Highly Recommend This Software. Trust This And Try and I'm Sure You Will Love This SEO Software.
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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Get Free Logo Worth 15$-20$

Yes! You Heard it Right, We Are Giving Free Logos to Our Readers For Free Worth 15-20$ [15-20 Dollars], This is a Limited Period Offer Just For Our Readers. The Offer Starts From Today [ 5 October 2013 ] And Will End at 5 November 2013.

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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Optimize Images For Better SEO

As We All Know That SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) is Very Necessary for All Bloggers & Webmasters. As I Always Say That If Content is King of Blog Then, SEO is Queen of Blog. In This Article I'll Show You How to Optimize Your Blog Images For Better SEO.

Here are Some Basic Image Optimization Tips For Better SEO.

No Matter Which Blogging Platform You Use ( i.e Wordpress, Blogger ) Everyone Should Optimize Their Blog Images, Optimizing Images Help in Building Traffic From Google Images, Gaining Popularity, Ranking Good in SERP's ( Search Engine Result Page ) & Much More.

Many Newbie Bloggers Don't Have Any Idea About Optimizing Images & Hence They Loose a Big part of Traffic to Their Blogs, In This Article We'll Learn How to Optimize Images And Will Share Some Killer Tips for Optimization.

How to Optimize ?

Firstly We'll Discuss How To Optimize Images for SEO, Basically We'll Learn to Optimize Images in Two Big Blogging Platforms Blogger & Wordpress. So Let's Start with Blogger -

Blogger -

To Optimize Any Image, Just Go to Some Blog Post And Open it ( Which Contains Image You Want to Optimize ) & Follow Some Basic Instructions -
  • Left Click on The Image.
  • You'll See Properties, Click on That.
Optimize Image In Blogger in Very Easy Way.
  • Enter The Title of Image & Alt Tag of Image.
Image Properties Tab in Blogger, Add Title Tag & Alt Tag for Better SEO.
  • Just Click on OK And Your Done Smiley .

Wordpress -

To Optimize Image in Wordpress, Just Log in to Your Wordpress Account Go to Some Random Post, Click on Insert Media.
  • Add Your Desired Image.
  • After you Added your Image You'll See Attachments Details on Left Pane. 
  • Just Fill Up The Details and You're Done. 
Image Optimization Tips For Better SEO in Wordpress.

Some Tips -

  • Try to Use Keywords in Image Title, Alt Tag. But Don't Use Too Much of Keywords It may be Marked as Spam, Only Use Keywords Which Suits Your Image.
  • Try To Use Best Format of Your Image i.e JPEG, PNG or GIF.
  • Use Images with Less Size i.e Compressed Images, Using Compressed Image Will help in Blog Loading Time as Well as Image Optimization.
I've Done my Best to Share Everything Related to Image Optimization, If You Have Any Suggestion or Query Please Use the Comment Box Below.

Please Share This Article & Happy Blogging Smiley .

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Find Low Competition Keywords with Google Keyword Planner

Now the time has come to Discuss about the most talked Google's keyword planner. Earlier Google Keyword Research tool was only the free option to find low competition keywords in less time. Google has recently announced that their keyword research tool has been replaced with Keyword Planner, many Bloggers has lost the hope to find the best and profitable niche keyword for free of cost. Though the Google's keyword planner was purely based on a Commercial angle from where we are find the best and potential keywords for our blog's niche or for potential clients. The new keyword planner has built a support and hope to find more PPC Advertisements and advertisers rather than freelancer's SEO or niche Marketer's.

Use Google Keyword Planner tool to Search High CPC Keywords with less Searches.

Though you might be thinking Google has a bit of harsh among the professional SEO's and Internet niche marketer's, you still need to believe that they give their more Importance to their Paid Customers only. We need to move along with time, So lets we have a check on How we can implement a Profitable Strategy to Build a online Business via keyword planner ?

Whenever you are digging for Profitable Niche keyword in Google keyword planner then make sure to remember these below two steps -
  1. Low competition keyword's with High CPCBest for Niche marketers ).
  2. Low competition keyword's with Low CPC ( Best for SEO Project's ).
Yes you have to always make sure to find low Competition Keywords for better Conservations. Don't aim for high CPC keywords, as 90% of them are already occupied by Biggest Brands. You might be wondering that what is Low/High competition keywords in Google keyword planner? Well, Google's keyword planner Doesn't give you a direct hint on Targeting a low/high CPC keyword,You need to still Analyze it with a simple CPC technique to grab the Keywords.

Find Low competition keywords with Low/High CPC -

Google has recently announced that their keyword research tool has been replaced with Keyword Planner.

You need to analyze the potential of a keyword by publishing it into a advanced keyword research strategies. If you trying to Dig Out Keywords for a potential customer/client then always keep a eye on how to convert that keyword into a Niche marketing website if it is relevant for the client. By this way you would be able to find the gold charming keyword's in a long run, Whenever we are talking about CPC in our keywords, make sure you have a Google Adsense account with you. If you don't have a Google Adsense Account then check the Upcoming Article to grab a free Google Adsense Approval Account.

This strategy will help you in increasing Adsense earnings and it also allows you to Link Back to your potential SEO clients. This is win win Strategy which will make you Rich and Popular. So lets Find out the low Competition Keywords with High CPC -

  • Log into Google Keyword Planner and Click on " What would you like to do ? "
  • Enter one or more Seed Keyword's to Proceed.
  • You can Ignore " Your Landing Page " and " Your product category ".
  • Enter your Targeted Location & Language to proceed.
  • You Can Enter a Optional Negative word to Remove Unwanted Keywords.
  • Assign your Keyword Filters with Average Monthly Searches, Average CPC.
  • Assign Keywords in your include and exclude and make a search to Digg out the Keywords in Detail's.
  • Click on Get Ideas ( Grab Your Golden Egg ).

So Friends i Hope you will Find Low competition Keyword with Google's Keyword Planner Tool. Feel free to Ask in Through below Comment System.

Happy keyword Research Smiley.